Readings/Coaching Sessions

In the reading, I discuss your astrological chart, your planetary placements, what they mean, and how they can manifest. Also, if you have specific questions, we will look into those, as well. You don’t have to be an expert in astrology to benefit from the insight it can give you. Astrological-coaching is what has guided me through very important moments in my life and I have seen it do the same for others. Coaching with astrology allows you to gain a profound perspective on yourself and certain situations that may be unclear otherwise. You learn to grasp and appreciate the importance of the cycles of your life. The only constant in life is change, and when you have a bigger perspective, you live with a lot more confidence and ease. My one-on-one astrological-coaching sessions are held via Zoom.

Individual 60-min. Astrological-Coaching Session: $149

Compatibility/Synastry Reading

A synastry or compatibility reading is a great way to really understand the dynamic between two people. Whether lovers, friends, family members, coworkers – or any relationship. How well do you get along with another person? Where do you see eye to eye? Where do you view things differently? What can you both do to better understand one another? These are fundamental questions to having a healthy relationship with someone, and astrology can give you a significant insight.

60 minute Synastry Reading  – $165

On-going 1:1 Coaching

Growth and transformation take time – they certainly don’t happen in one session.  If you are truly committed and interested in making a conscious change in your life and being consistent with the work that act of self-love requires, this series of sessions is designed with that in mind. Together we can work towards gaining clarity, achieving a greater perspective and reaching your goals.  If you’re ready to do that, I have a series of four 1-hour sessions that give us time to work together.

We can meet weekly or bi-weekly.  The series has to be used within 2 months of purchase.

Individual Four 1-hour Astrological-Coaching Sessions: $525. *for returning clients only*

1 Question & Answer Service

If you have a pressing or specific question, and don’t want to wait for a full reading to get an answer, this is the best way to have direct access to me.

All questions are answered via Voxer, a messaging app. You can submit either an audio or video to me through our private and personal thread, and I will respond within 24-hours.


In your payment confirmation email, you will receive instructions as to how to reach me on Voxer and what information I need from you.