About Milly

✨Spiritual Coach
✨Intuitive Astrologer

Mildred Murillo, known as Milly by her clients and social media followers, is a trained astrologer and certified life-coach. Trained by astrologer Jim Sher of The Sher Institute of Astrology and Metaphysics, Milly’s study and knowledge of astrology is fundamentally based on a Jungian and spiritual approach. This foundation is what Milly considers in every single reading and coaching session she shares with her clients. To her, astrology is not about predictions – it is about guiding her clients to discover the divine wisdom and strength that is within them.

Milly’s spiritual approach to astrology is expanded with the practical knowledge of life-coaching and positive psychology. Certified through the ICF ACC accredited JRNI life-coaching program, and through the School of Positive Transformation Positive Psychology Certification, Milly makes astrological messages a visceral and digestible experience for her clients.

Currently, Milly is a full-time astrologer and life-coach who, additionally, serves as an astrologer and coach on John Kim’s (known as the Angry Therapist on social media) project: TAT Lab.