We have arrived at the beautiful and powerful new moon in Cancer, which also happens to be a solar eclipse.  Like with every other new moon, we set our intentions – preferably relating to the Cancer house of your natal chart – work towards that intention, then see the fruition or outcome of such intention six months later with its corresponding full moon.  It is very important to acknowledge that every individual’s intention should be set according to where Cancer is in their chart. Let say that you have Cancer in your 10th house/mid-heaven; your intention should, preferably, relate to something having to do with career or life path, for example.  Your intention, in this instance, would not make sense if it is about manifesting a relationship because that would not be the best way to take advantage of this energy. Another new moon will come in which it will make more sense to set the intention of manifesting a relationship, but not here because that’s not where this falls on your chart. The only way to make best intentional intention, is to know your chart and the aspects this, or any, event makes to the entirety of your chart.*. I find it important to bring this to your attention because a lot of people aren’t aware of that at all and they take the general energy and simply apply it to themselves without question. Remember to always question how any energy feels for you. Chances are that even if you don’t know what your birth chart looks like, you’re experiencing the energy differently from everyone else.

With that said, I want to also stress that when a new moon occurs at the same time as an eclipse, the feelings, changes and occurrences that arise from such event are far deeper than what is experience in our outer reality.  This is because eclipses tend to align us with our true life-path. Their energetic power is such that they will remove whatever needs to be removed in order for us to connect with the life we were meant to have in this existence.  So if this new moon is happening in your 10th house of career, whether you realize it or not, your career will go through a transformation. You will either change careers all together, or your role in your current career will drastically change. That is how powerful eclipses are.  Something like this won’t happen on the day of the new moon, but in the six-month lunar period, you will see how you’re being directed exactly to where you need to be.  Remember, change will come differently for everyone because everyone’s birth chart is unique, but it will come.

This is especially true with this new moon because this event takes place with the Sun and the Moon conjunct (together) in Cancer in direct opposition (180° angle) to Pluto in Capricorn.  Oppositions and Pluto tend to get a bad rap, but that configuration, in those specific signs, make this event that much more positive and powerful.  Whatever it is we need to transform and align ourselves with our true purpose gets help from Pluto in this configuration. Pluto is characterized by completely cleansing us from anything that no longer serves our greater path, whether we like it or not. That may seem scary and we may resist, but we only resist that which we are afraid to release. This is why the Universe gifts us with moments in which we have no other choice but to let go.  It’s like when someone breaks up with us and we are heartbroken because we don’t want to let go. But, after some time we realize that it’s the best thing that could’ve happened to us. That’s Pluto energy in opposition to a new moon solar eclipse. What is meant to happen, will happen; and the degree of “pain” caused by the event will only be as great as your distance from your true life-path.

In addition to that transformative opposition, Jupiter in Scorpio (Pluto rules Scorpio) goes direct after being retrograde for several months.  Jupiter in Scorpio urged us to go within, find our inner power and own it so that it can be put to greater use.  I don’t believe that there are any coincidences when it comes to astrological events (or in life, really), therefore, all of the introspection that needed to be done with Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio has already been done, and the opposition of Pluto with the Sun and Moon will expose how much inner work was really done and your willingness to let go will be tested.

Another aspect to keep in mind during this new moon is that of Venus in Virgo.  Venus in Virgo tells us to be diligent and deliberate with our intentions.  You have everything you need to accomplish your intention, and in true Virgo energy, you can plan and be purposeful with the way you work towards your intention.  Take the risk and trust your inner power enough (Scorpio and Pluto energy) be okay with change and, perhaps, temporary chaos.

This is important because while all of this is going on, Venus in Virgo will trine Uranus in Taurus.  Any aspect to Uranus always creates a little bit of chaos.  This is because we become used to the way our lives are for so long that any change from the routine creates “chaos.”  It’s difficult to say with certainty what may come from an alignment with Uranus because Uranus is the planet of the surprises and the unexpected, but creating a trine in earth signs can give us a sense of relief that there will be stability in the middle of seeming chaos.  More than anything, Uranus tells us to rewire our current mental technology and be innovated with the process of our lives.

Venus and Uranus aren’t alone in their trine because Saturn in Capricorn comes in to form a grand earth trine.  Saturn in this configuration tells us to take the risk, make the change and trust that you can provide yourself with your own stability (in true Saturnian nature).

The new moon solar eclipse is beautiful and bound to be quite life changing. You just have to trust yourself, and love yourself, enough to follow through with whatever may come.

New moon blessings, loves!

*If you want to get to know your chart more in depth, don’t hesitate to reach out and schedule a reading with me.