Hello, everyone! And happy new moon in Gemini! In man-made linear time, this marks the half-way point of the year and serves as a checkpoint for us and our intentions for 2018. We are in a state of evaluation and, in Gemini fashion, we begin to observe and consider all of our options and the potential approaches that can be taken from this point forward. This concept is particularly important with this new moon because not only is this the new moon of June, but it officially marks the beginning of eclipse season. We will see the remaining effects of the Leo-Aquarius Eclipses and what the result of those will be; as well as the beginning of the Cancer-Capricorn eclipse cycle (I will write a separate article about the eclipses).

But, lets jump into this new moon. Gemini gets a bad rap for being non-committal, unfocused and even careless. Perhaps too many people have had negative experiences with a Gemini that has not evolved or grown up just yet, but not all Geminis, and certainly not all Gemini energy, are like this. Gemini has the ability, or gift, to observe a matter from different perspectives without judgment. In doing so, there is an innate non-attachment to situations and people that don’t always deserve a lot of our energy. Think about it: how many times have we wasted time in a relationship or situation because there was so much attachment that we were blinded of everything else around us? We get attached to expectations and hopeless romanticism that actually keep us from growing. These sentiments aren’t just experienced in romantic relationships; they play out in different areas of our lives. Elevated Gemini energy reminds us to liberate our mental structures about how we think life and people should be and accept, without judgment or attachment, what is. In this space of acceptance, we can begin to understand what it means to be in present moment and begin to make decisions from a place of clarity. See, in present moment, nothing other than the present exists, right? Therefore, there is no regard for the past or fear of the future. You can look at a situation from where you stand, calmly listen to yourself and move from that point, or not. That is the elevated gift of Gemini. Most of the time we picture Geminis running all over the place and talking in a perpetual run-on-sentence. But Gemini doesn’t stop representing all of the options and opportunities life has to offer, and with an air quality, we can breeze through our options without being weighed down by judgment.

I know all of this sounds great because this could mean that we technically don’t ever have to commit to anything and simply live life by the seed of our pants. Not exactly. I mean, technically you could, but without any kind of commitment there is not form of outcome or reward.  Like I mentioned earlier, Gemini energy gifts us with multiple points of views so that we know that we have options, but at the end of the day, an option needs to be made.  We are reminded of this because along with this new moon, we have Venus entering Cancer opposing good old Saturn in Capricorn.  To refresh your memories, Saturn in Capricorn along with the new moon in Capricorn in the beginning of 2018 was a huge deal. Those intentions we set for 2018 back in January, are the ones we are revisiting now with new eyes and potential new ways of approaching them with this Gemini energy. Saturn in Capricorn means commitment, period. And it opposing Venus in Cancer (Venus representing our desires), tells us that we can, in fact, look at different ways to approach our intentions, but without commitment the outcome will not be one of our liking.  I’ve mentioned in several of my articles that Saturn in Capricorn will be the background and supporting energy for most of our decisions until the end of its transit in 2020. We can look for different alternatives, for different relationships, for different approaches, but in the end we will have to commit and work hard for whatever it is we choose.  In other words, we will have to take full responsibility for our lives; and not even the infamous Gemini careless attitude can save us from the consequences.

To increase the responsibility factor to this entire configuration, this new moon also happens will Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio continues its ongoing trine to Neptune in Pisces.  This watery placement screams spirituality and what comes from out depths to be shared with the world.  How do spirituality and responsibility go hand-in-hand? Well, because the basis for spirituality is simply to take full responsibility of your life in the present moment. Whatever that looks like, whatever that means, whether you  like it or not, taking full responsibility. In doing so and accepting that you are where you are because of the decisions you’ve made (without judgment) you recognize the strength and power to make it better or change it completely. That is true spirituality – being the creator and director of your own life.  A realization like this doesn’t come easily. It isn’t a cognitive realization because I’m sure most people are intelligent enough to intellectually understand a concept like this. No, this understanding needs to be a visceral one in order to truly be understood.  Energies like Scorpio and Pisces aren’t intellectual or superficial by any means. In fact, they are the exact opposite. So, what does this tell us? This means that we will have a new moon opening up the cosmic doorways for a new intention, with energy that offers foundation, but it all tells us that this job has to come from within.  These deep waters remind us that there is an ocean of spiritual potential within us that gives us the strength and intuition for choose that which is best for ourselves. But we have to take the time to look within.

I want to take the time to acknowledge that I have been away from my blog for a few weeks, but I needed some time to sort things out within me to feel inspired (there is SO MUCH going on in my chart). This new moon is the perfect time to get back to the regularly scheduled program. New moon blessings, lovelies.