There are a lot of conversations between the Aries and Capricorn energy this week. Plus, Venus in Taurus is also there to guide us, if we choose to be guided. This energy will remind us of what needs to get done, without missing a step, in order to move ahead.

In previous posts (blog and Instagram) I have described what Aries and Capricorn energies are like on their own. The reason they are naturally positioned in tension with another in the zodiac wheel is that while Aries may not be patient in the process of completing a task, for instance, but Capricorn reminds Aries that without patience and diligence, nothing will withstand the test of time.  See, in astrology, Aries represents when we are first born. We cry out loud to get fed, or anything we want really. We are on survival mode because we are not yet trained to survive differently in the world.  Capricorn, on the other hand, is the 10th sign of the zodiac, nearing the end of a cycle and represents old age and the legacy that will be left behind.  Both signs represent different points of a cycle but are both part of the same evolution.  Even when there is an alignment of tension between the two, when our level of consciousness is elevated, that tension can lead us to make something productive.

This week’s alignment between Aries and Capricorn are: 1) April 2nd– Mars conjunct Saturn in Capricorn (Mars is the ruler of Aries, which is why it’s important); 2) April 4th – Mercury retrograde in Aries square Mars in Capricorn; and 3) April 5th – Mercury retrograde square Saturn in Capricorn.  Simply put, we are anxious about doing something (Aries), but are also being given the opportunity to think before we act (Capricorn).  At this point in the year, there have already been tensions between Aries and Capricorn energy, and each time they were teaching us the same thing: think before you act.  And this isn’t a coincidence.  You have to remember that Saturn hasn’t transited Capricorn in 30 years! The last time Saturn was in Capricorn was 30 years ago! I personally was way too young to understand what that energy was about then.  But Saturn is back home and giving us multiple opportunities, so to really understand what responsibility means.

When you break down the word itself, responsibility is our ability to respond. The ability to do anything usually requires practice, therefore, skill in order to achieve something.  Even our ability to walk was achieved through trying, falling, getting back up and doing it again until we learned to walk. Our ability to respond, as oppose to react to a stimulus or situation, also requires practice.  It can be something as simple as counting to 10 before you say something crude to someone else, or as advanced as elevating your state of consciousness through constant self-work and meditation.

But with these alignments, in the bigger perspective, we are being given the opportunity to see how our decisions truly build the world around us – collectively and individually.  On an individual basis, let’s say you’re in a relationship.  You live with your partner and anytime there is an argument, your initial reaction is always to yell, be defensive and victimize yourself.  What kind of exchange in dialogue and energy does that reaction create?  Unless the other person has a more elevated state of mind (which is unlikely because if they did, they wouldn’t be with someone who reacts that way – just being real), their reaction will not be a pleasant one either.  That reality is something you will have to take responsibility for creating because you created it.  All of us, at some point in some way, have behaved in the fashion I just explained.  What has happened is that we were either checked by being dumped, or life checked us by attracting the same partner over and over until it became too painful to bear, or something clicked in our heads and we decided to make a change.  Whatever the scenario, responsibility, or our ability to respond, always turns out to be our saving grace.  This week is saturated with that energy.  Saturn in Capricorn will pump the breaks on Aries energy so that we learn to not be childish with our lives and build from a different place within ourselves.  We will get to a point in which if we don’t take responsibility on our own, life will make certain we do.

In the background of all of this tension, we have Venus in Taurus just having moved into Taurus on March 31st. Venus in Taurus is about self-worth; how we define it and obtain it for ourselves.  Venus in Taurus loves comfort and the pleasures of the world, but most importantly, Venus in Taurus is confident.  That confidence comes from not being hasty in their decisions.  Taurus, like Capricorn, is another earth sign, and having a stable foundation is something of great importance to them.  Having Venus in Taurus, not only the in background of all of this action between Aries and Capricorn, but actually trine Saturn in Capricorn on April 7th (which is also the first time this happens is 30 years, by the way) tells us that this is an aspect that teaches us to become certain about what we want, valuing the process it takes to obtain it, and understanding that what we need to accomplish it is already within us.  This alignment is about giving yourself a place in the world, without having to be defensive and childish in the attempt, but simply by doing what needs to be done and dealing with what it real in the present moment. Reactions are fear-induced. Whatever that fear is, it is your responsibility to recognize it and hopefully deal with it. But, the ability to respond is self-love-induced, and it is your responsibility to peel off the layers that keep you from recognizing it.

In my YouTube video below I talk even more about taking responsibility.