We begin this last week of March still feeling the energy of this past weekend. On my Instagram account I shared with you all that both Venus and the Sun in Aries would square Pluto and Mars in Capricorn. In a nutshell: not having what you want at this very moment because it’s simply not the time. It doesn’t mean you can’t work towards it, but there are things that still need to become clear and come to light, about yourself and your endeavor, before moving forward. That energy is still carried on to this week.

With that said, the biggest event of this week is the full moon in Libra (happening on March 31st); which will bring to light a lot of what stood out this past weekend.  The reason for this is that Libra is the sign of relationships. Not just romantic relationships, but all types of relationships.  With Venus and Mars, the planets of feminine and masculine energy, having been in tension this past weekend, there was an important revelation that peeked its head, but the full moon in Libra will completely bring it out to light.

As an aside, I will take a moment to acknowledge that this full moon is being called a Blue Moon.  This has no astrological relevance, whatsoever.  But, it’s called a Blue Moon because it is the second full moon in one month. Remember, we had a full moon in Virgo at the beginning of March and now the full moon in Libra at the end of March.  Having two full moons in one month is a rare occurrence, it doesn’t happen every month.  This is where the phrase once in a blue moon comes from.

Moreover, whenever there is a full moon in a particular sign, it is the indication or the manifestation, if you will, of how you’re dealing with the solar sign of the moment. What this means is that in order for there to be a full moon, the moon has to be opposite of the sun. So, what this full moon in Libra (the sign of relationships and opposite of Aries, where the sun currently is) shows you how you (Sun in Aries) assert yourself in relationships with others.  How do you own your individuality within a relationship? How do you get to know who you are before relating with anyone else? See, relationships are our biggest teachers in life. We attract what and who we are, whether we realize it or not.  And it isn’t just a matter of attracting someone who has the same interests as you, it’s much more than that.  It’s about what about yourself, knowingly or unknowingly, do you see in the people you choose to relate with.  Even when the relationships aren’t the best, they are still showing us something about ourselves. I go more in depth with this concept in one of my YouTube videos called ‘Reflections and Lessons.’ In it I discuss how every relationship in our lives is a reflection of a lesson we need to learn about ourselves, and vice versa.  The same way people happen to us, is the same way we happen to people.

So, what do we do with the lessons we learn from our relationships?  Luckily, Venus (the ruler of Libra) will conjunct Uranus in Aries.  Uranus is the sign of the unexpected, a-ha moments, but most importantly, a shift in consciousness.  What do these two energies tell us? They tell us that if we change the way we relate to other, by looking within first, we can create a brand-new way a relating all together.  It’s like wanting to finally find a healthy romantic relationship, for instance, but not knowing how to break the pattern of bad relationships. Well, breaking the pattern of unhealthy relationships begins with you taking responsibility with why you attract those relationships to begin with.  What is your part in how this scenario plays itself out time and time again?  Once you begin taking responsibility and begin to do things differently (shifting consciousness), that it when you will begin to attract differently.  That is a very simple example, but it does the trick to explain the dynamic of all of this energy together.

It is very important to acknowledge that the full moon will square Saturn in Capricorn.  There goes Saturn in Capricorn again coming forth from the background.  It’s like this energy that we forget is there, but just when we’ve forgotten, it comes out to remind us that things have to be done responsibly. A shift in consciousness (Uranus) cannot happen without first taking responsibility of where we stand – it’s that simple. Until we can do that, we cannot honestly move forward and to build something new because we’d be carrying the old with us. That type of attitude is immature and the Saturn in Capricorn energy is anything but that.

On Sunday, April 1st we also reach the midpoint of Mercury’s retrograde period.  The midpoint is the point in which the Sun and Mercury meet during mercury’s retrograde period.  This is usually a time of clarification.  Whatever information you needed to move forward on something, the midpoint is usually the time when that information comes to light.  From that point on, you can begin to plan how you will move forward when Mercury finally goes completely direct.

Do you see why the Universe has halted us a bit? Because we don’t know everything and in order to know what we need to know, we have to be patient and learn to accept the blessing that is discomfort.  Not having what you want when you want can be the best thing that can happen to you.  That’s because aside from learning new information that comes from an outside source, you need to also pause and figure out what it going on within you.

As always, stay tuned for my daily posts on Instagram and Facebook, where I break down the energy on a daily basis because there is so much more I can share with you, but I don’t want to overwhelm you on the weekly forecasts. Also, let me know if you have any questions. I will gladly respond, especially if they are questions that can help others.

Full moon blessings, everyone!