Remember the time when the job that you really wanted didn’t pan out?  Or that one time you were heart broken and you thought you would never get over it?  Remember the time when you almost married that person, but didn’t? (or was that just me?)  Now, do you remember sometime after one of those times when you looked back and were glad it didn’t happen?  Life is a blessing in that way. It gives us an assist that looks like an interference only to help us win at the game of life.  That’s what sums up the energy of this week and for weeks to come.

Last week I talked about two of the personal planets, Mercury and Venus going into fiery and action-oriented Aries.  The urge and restlessness of doing, doing and doing some more without looking to the sides is indicative of Arian energy. But, it cannot be ignored that Mercury and Venus are going into a new cycle of the zodiac, while planets begin to retrograde.  Mercury himself will retrograde alongside Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio. What can it mean to have planets moving into a sign that represents new beginnings, while everything else is slowing down? It means that we have to think and polish ourselves for the next stage or our lives.

With so much going on in the sky it’s easy to forget that we are still in eclipse season.  Whatever we want right now is part of what we set an intention for back on February 15th with the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius.  Whether you set an intention deliberately and consciously or not, events having to do with the Aquarius house in your chart are being affected now.  If you did set an intention, the work towards that intention will now be turned inward in order to outwardly manifest something that truly matters.  The first 2 ½ months of the year were about setting everything in motion and, hopefully, figuring out what we wanted. Now, the Universe gifts us with some time to think more thoroughly about the approach we want to take.

The tricky part about this fiery energy meeting itself with contemplative energy is that we may feel that we want, what we want now, and can’t get it.  And even though reading that the Universe is gifting us with slower paced energy may seem pretty, it certainly won’t always feel that way.  We’ve come to a time where we have to accept feeling comfortable with the uncomfortable. I mean, you don’t have to, but it’ll certainly create a lot of chaos and anxiety if you don’t.  If you’re working on yourself, you may not see “progress” as quickly as you want (which gives you he liberty to redefine what progress means).  If you started a new project, it may not pick up traction or attention as quickly as you want it to.  If you started a new relationship, one of you, or both, may decide to take a step back and think if this is the relationship you want to be in.  Everything will slow down and that is perfectly perfect.  In societal standards it’s not because our fast-paced world isn’t fond of patience and letting things run their course.  But in the realm of higher consciousness and a larger perspective, slow and steady always wins the race.  Taking your time with your inner work will allow you to see things about yourself you may not have seen before.  Slowing down with a project can allow you to polish your skills and attain more knowledge to share with others.  Taking a step back in a relationship can allow you to do things better than before because you’re contemplating before going all in too quickly.  We are being urged to accept the fact that what we think we want right now, may not what best for us in the long run.  At the very least, not in the exact way we think it should happen.  It makes sense.  How many times have we become so excited about something new, that we forget to think certain things through? That’s Aries energy all the way.  But, Saturn in Capricorn is squaring all of that energy till 2020 helping us make more responsible decisions.

The New Moon is Pisces is also on March 17th and like any other new moon, it represents new beginnings.  Again, an opening energy occurring in a time where planets begin to retrograde.  Also, keep in mind that this new moon marks the official end of this eclipse season (I wrote about this several posts ago).  Whatever we’ve discovered since the beginning of the year is now up for revision so that it can be done with the highest level of consciousness possible.  More on this new moon later.