How can there be discernment without judgment? If anything, judgment is the definition of discernment. But, what I mean by this is that there can be observations and acceptance of our current state (discernment) without guilt or self-condemnation. The term judgment has taken on a negative connotation because it makes it easy to describe what we do to ourselves with our mental-whips. This is what sums up the high and low energy of the sign of Virgo. While Virgo can be very good and judging what is and what isn’t, creating distinction between one thing and another, in order to be more functional and serviceable, if unchecked, that judgement can tail-spin out of control and create feelings and thoughts of shame and blame. This isn’t the energy you want to work with if you want to see different manifestations in your life.

A full moon marks the culmination of a cycle that started with its corresponding new moon six month prior. A new-moon cycle always last about six months. So, this full moon in Virgo, on March 1st, marks the finish line to its new moon, which occurred on September 17th, 2017. Where were you in your life six months ago? If you were aware of the energy in the sky and made intentions with that new moon, how have those intentions manifested themselves with this full moon? In a way, this is a great way to track the progress in our lives because we learn to hold ourselves accountable about working towards that which we say we want.

Another great lesson about full moons is that they’re a really good way of understanding that we can’t control the outcome of any situation. Lets say that Virgo is in your 6th house of body and daily habits. On September 17th, 2017 you made the intention to lose x-number of pounds within six months. Come March 1st and you lost some weight, but not all of the weight you had anticipated. Does that mean that all of the hard work you did within those six months doesn’t count because you didn’t hit that specific number? No, of course not. The only thing you could control was how you ate and how dedicated you were with your exercise. You may not have reached that number, but you certainly did reach another level of yourself. Along the way you learned more about your body than ever before because your attention and focus changed in terms of what makes you feel good and what doesn’t. This example may seem quite superficial, but it does the trick. In elevated Virgo energy, you are making the distinction that although you didn’t lose the number of pounds you set out to lose, you did do the best you could, consistently and that deserves praise. In low Virgo energy, not hitting that number will lead you to beat yourself up and not completely disregard all of the work that you did in the last six months. Apply this example to other areas and circumstance of your life and ask yourself how many times you’ve disregarded previous work or progress simply because the end result wasn’t what you initially envisioned.

The vicious cycle of guilt doesn’t lead us anywhere. It creates stagnation in our lives, which is when we begin to say, “I’m in a slump.” Being in a slump comes from the same thoughts going around in your mind (usually negative thoughts), without some sort of outlet. We may think that the outlet is exercise, or drinking, or even talking to everyone about it and getting everyone’s opinion, but, in my humble opinion, none of those are the real answer. Drinking to numb the thoughts and guilt is certainly not the answer. And don’t get me wrong, exercise is a good way to clear your mind, but to an extent, it’s still an external resource that keeps you from looking within. A distraction that replaces the time to simply sit still and be with yourself. The same way you can make time to move your body, is the same way you can make time to check-in with what moves you inside. Also, keep in mind that you should choose wisely who deserves you hear what’s going on inside of you. This isn’t to say that people are full of bad intentions, but people are full of their own perception of life, we all are. So, seeking everyone else’s opinion only keeps you from the privilege of feeling and acting on your own. Clearing stagnant energy comes from sitting with ourselves and our thoughts, looking at ourselves exactly for who and where we are, without beating ourselves up; aka forgiveness. To forgive ourselves allows clarity to manifest within us, therefore, fluidity to manifest outside of us. All of a sudden, you’re freed from your own “slump” because you took the time to be of service to yourself simply by listening to yourself.

This full moon will heighten the Virgo energy (as any full moon does in its sign at the moment), but it’s up to you how you choose to experience it. This full moon happens while we’re in the Pisces month, so the tendency to want to escape the potential negative judgement in our minds is there. But, you always have free-will to choose how to experience anything that happens to you. Remember, the full moon in Virgo energy is energy in potential; that quality of the lesson behind the potential is completely up to you. Don’t hide behind nebulous thoughts to avoid seeing what’s in front of you – you would only be doing yourself a disservice by doing so.

Accept what is and let go of that which cannot be controlled. After all, full moons and Piscean energy are exactly for that – letting go.