– Set your intentions to be something that help others as much as they do you.  This is a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius after all.  This doesn’t mean that you have to join a large community group or anything like that (unless you want to).  What I mean by this is that, if you’re thinking about launching an online product or project, for instance, how will this help others? Or if you want to do some self-work, understand that in the long run that will help the people around you because you’ll have more to give from a much more genuine and authentic  place.

– I know I’ve said it before (and you’ve probably read it elsewhere), this is a time to start something new, therefore, something has to be let go.  I remind you of this because it is so crucial to your growth, and some of you still resist. Especially those fixed signs –  Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. This New Moon Solar Eclipse is particularly affecting you all, so be open to the next phase of your life. This can be internally as much as it can be in your external reality.

–  Even with so much energy to start something new, take your time. Be diligent, make responsible decisions about your next steps, don’t hesitate but do think about things (there is a difference). You can’t forget that Saturn in Capricorn is part of this configuration and everything mentioned above describes the Saturn in Capricorn energy. Saturn wants us to have everything we want, but it has to be built on a strong foundation; particularly an emotional and spiritual foundation.

– This New Moon Solar eclipse has the power of THREE NEW MOONS! That’s powerful energy you want to take advantage of to start something new.

– If you already know what that something new you want to start is, the two weeks following this New Moon eclipse are the best two weeks to launch.

– If you’re not quite sure yet what it is you want to start, set the intention for clarity, but do the work to get clear within the next four weeks following the eclipse. There are exercises you can find online to get your clear about your purpose, Love life, career life, or anything you’re longing for. But you have to do the work. Remember, Saturn in Capricorn is involved.

– Think about where you were emotionally and mentally back in August of 2017. Events going on then, are correlated to now. They’re part of the same cycle.

– November 2017 also plays a big role in this cycle because it was the midway point between the August 2017 eclipse and today’s eclipse. What happened then that has to do with now?

– Understand that whatever you’re thinking about or planning will see full manifestation in 6 months. This is because the next eclipse in the Leo-Aquarius axis will be the last. This means that a very important and transformative process in your life would have taken an entire year to come to light and full understanding.

– The midpoint between today’s eclipse and the next eclipse on July 27th will be in May when Uranus enters Taurus. This is important because today’s eclipse is in Aquarius, Uranus rules Aquarius; therefore, its movement into another sign is crucial to watch because that’s how we can follow our progress.

– VISUALIZE! Visualize the how you want your life to realistically look 6 months from now. Don’t wish or set and intention for $10,000,000 if that’s not the path you’re on. The stars and cosmos are guidance, not magic workers. But truly visualize being in a different emotional state, or state of mind. Visualize how your life will look if you set intentions that come from within.

– I wish you all nothing but New Moon blessings and understand that this is a beautiful turning point. I’ll be here along the way with more lessons, information and love (hint as to what my intentions are).