It’s here! The New Moon Solar eclipse in Aquarius is here! Happening February 15th this New Moon Solar eclipse has the power of three new moons. This means that, if you practice setting New Moon intentions, for instance, this New Moon has the power of three New Moons in one! Making this New Moon Solar Eclipse a very powerful one. Exciting right? Sure! But you have to remember that in order to make room for something new, something, which no longer serves you, has to be released.

If you recall, last week was the week in between both the Full Moon eclipse of January 31st and this New Moon eclipse of February 15th. Perhaps you felt confused, a lot of you couldn’t sleep and felt restless. I received several messages of people asking me, “Mildred, why am I feeling overwhelmed with emotion?” A lot of it seemed inexplicable, right? Well, that’s because whether you are conscious of it or not, you are being aligned with your true purpose.

Life has a way of reminding us of what our true purpose in life is through many lessons. Those lessons usually come in ways that are outside of our comfort zone forcing us to look at ourselves differently. I have a client who embarked on a creative endeavor earlier this year. While she is excited about finally sharing with the world what she knows and how it’s changed her life, last week she felt overcome with fear and insecurity about her creativity, knowledge and talent. It’s easy to ask her, “How can you feel this way when you’ve started? You’re doing it!” See, the eclipses aren’t telling my client that this isn’t her path; they’re amplifying the fear she carries within so that she can work on it and be better for her creative endeavor. This energy is telling her that in order to make room for new creativity (North Node in Leo) she needs to let go (South Node in Aquarius and Venus in Pisces) of the fears that no longer serve her (Jupiter in Scorpio). If she weren’t ready for this creative project, with all the energy that we have been experiencing lately, she wouldn’t have started because it wouldn’t have been the right time. But with this New Moon Solar eclipse (the Sun represents ego) a part of the ego that will not help her go to the next level in her project, will be eclipsed (blocked) from her life so that she may serve others from a place of peace and love.

Letting go isn’t always about letting go of the job, the relationship, or anything on the outside. Sometimes letting go means letting go of something within that keeps us from moving forward in our true purpose. I notice that a lot of times people feel that because nothing notable or extraordinary happens on the outside, then that means that nothing happens at all. Not true at all. Sometimes the biggest changes happen within us, and consequently, change our outer world and what others see (the relationship or job statuses, for instance). But, you have to remember that in order to recognize what needs to change from within, you need to make time to be with yourself and listen to yourself. My client had a rough week last week. She cried and couldn’t understand why such negative thoughts were taking over when she knew better. The point isn’t to “know better;” it’s simply about paying attention. In thinking that we should “know better” we put take away the beauty of learning because we feel we know everything, and we don’t. So when something from our subconscious comes up unexpectedly, instead of observing what it is trying to teach us, we judge it. That’s where we get in our own way of moving towards the life that we envision because we are not learning the lessons needed along the way.

Playing a crucial role in the Eclipse is Venus in Pisces. Venus loves being in Pisces, therefore, she is in exaltation. This means that the Venusian energy of desire and love meshes beautifully with the dreamy and spiritual Pisces. Venus in Pisces allows us to view our desires in a very romantic, almost poetic, kind of way. Wanting them to come from a place within us that is not full of ego. Pisces, as the last sign of the zodiac, is the sign of “let go and let God.” For my client this mean, again, letting go of the ego that makes her feel like she isn’t good enough and embracing her desire to share her knowledge and talent, which come from her heart. Ego has no place when it comes to desires of the heart. Identifying that ego is what needs to be dealt with in order to move forward in a much more spiritual way.

Jupiter in Scorpio also factors in this cosmic configuration. Jupiter in Scorpio happens to be the midpoint between the North Node in Leo and the South Node in Aquarius. In English this means that in order to fulfill that which the eclipse is guiding us towards, we have to work on how much we value ourselves and what we want to do, in order to go after it. Scorpio represents the depths or our psyche; therefore, we will have to first deal with our fears in to then move to the next level of our lives. Value in ourselves is cultivated by how we treat ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually. What are we doing to make ourselves valuable and increase the confidence that propels us to go after what we want. This is where the concept of self-love comes in. Mind you, pampering yourself and treating yourself isn’t enough. I’m not even saying that’s bad. What I saying is that it’s still self-love from the outside and not from the inside. Being self-loving on the inside begs questions like: “how do you treat yourself when you recognize that you need to work on yourself?” “What do you say to yourself when you look in the mirror first thing in the morning?” Is it possible for you to observe your emotional and psychological triggers without judgment?” Those are examples, in my very humble opinion, of true self-love. Especially as women, we invest a lot in our outer appearance (again, not a bad thing), but if you switched it up and instead of spending the money on the long eyelashes, you invest group meditation or group therapy to help you move past certain things, then you are increasing your value – your inner value. From a place of higher value, we can give back, and gain, a lot more.

The results of what manifests for you with this New Moon Solar eclipse will be fully seen on July 27th, six months from now (it may seem like a long time from now, but it really isn’t). So, if nothing happens on February 15th, don’t think that nothing will happen at all. Remember, the cosmos have a process, the same way your life is a process. The point isn’t for things to just happen. The point is to learn the lessons you are meant to learn along the way, so that when you get to the next point in your life (July 27th, for instance), you can understand how everything you experienced was necessary for your growth.