The very emotional Full Moon eclipse in Leo of January 31st still heavily influences the energy for the week of February 5th to February 11th. What has come up for you mentally and emotionally? How does all of it make you feel? At this point all that you can do is try your best to process in the most non-attached manner possible because although eclipse seasons are times for revelations and realizations, they are not times in which we become clear about what action to take next, or answers in general. Especially not this week because this is the week between two eclipses: the Full Moon eclipse in Leo of January 31st and the New Moon eclipse in Aquarius of February 15th.

First off, it’s important to acknowledge all of the energy going on in Aquarius because that is where the transiting South Node currently resides. If you listened to the my astro-lesson regarding the nodes, I explained, in a nutshell, that the south node represents that part our entire makeup which comes easily to us because we developed it in a past life. That which feels comfortable, therefore, doesn’t push us to grow because we are familiar with how that part of us functions. Well, the same goes for the transiting South Node in Aquarius. Aquarius is the sign of groups and community, and if you have noticed the recent movements of groups for big causes, you’ll understand that the groups are not small and they’re making themselves be heard – loudly! That’s because these groups are not just getting together in a simple Aquarian manner, they going a little farther (North Node in Leo) by roaring and making themselves be heard by unique forms of demonstration. They are leading (a Leo quality) differently by bringing a ton of attention to that which needs to be looked at and handled differently. There isn’t any clarity as to the final outcome of all of this movement, we will see that in time; but a spotlight has been put on the issues at hand. Something similar has been going on inside of us, as well. With the Full Moon eclipse of January 31st something that weighed emotionally heavy on you was brought to light and now you’re trying to figure out a way to do things differently. But, before you can figure out a new way of doing and handling things, you have to acknowledge and release (South Node) that which led you where you are now. We cannot get from point A to point B without first acknowledging point A.

This week allows you to do that because Mercury, the South Node and the Sun are in very close proximity to one another (a triple conjunction in which the South Node is important because it is in the middle of, and equidistant in degrees, from Mercury and the Sun). What does that mean? It means that we are very aware of all of the thoughts (Mercury) that are coming to the surface (Sun) and we know no longer work for us (South Node). Therefore, we are trying to figure out a new and innovative way to handle a certain part of our lives. If it feels like an overwhelming amount of thoughts, that’s because it is. On top of the triple conjunction between the Mercury, the South Node and the Sun, they all, simultaneously, have a serious conversation with Jupiter in Scorpio.

Jupiter in Scorpio represents that which is hidden and brought to the surface. Again, that which used to work for, no longer does. But before we can move forward (New Moon in Aquarius), we need to deal with what comes up now. It’s usually something that was way under the surface (that’s how Scorpio energy works), and has to be dealt at a causation level, versus a surface level. We have to make room for the new by getting rid of the old; but getting rid of the old will not come easily because it will require inner work.

Everything in our exterior is a manifestation of our interior. And if we recognize that there is something in our exterior that we don’t like, or at least would like to be different, then we have to change something inside of us to see different manifestations. But changing our interior takes work. I talked about my personal experience in a previously posted audio (‘Taking Responsibility of Your Love Life’) in which I talk about having to acknowledge where my love life was, where I wanted it to be, and what I needed to do within myself to change the outcome of such. Jupiter in Scorpio will make the “dark” aspects of our thoughts, and ourselves in general, very relevant and difficult to ignore, especially with the connection to Mercury and the Sun. But, we have to remember to not judge ourselves in the process of uncovering all which lays beneath the surface of ourselves. In the greater summation of everything, everything matters. Everything adds to the equation of our lives. Louise Hay used to say, “We are doing the best we can with the understanding, awareness and knowledge we have. As we gain more understanding, awareness and knowledge, then we will do things differently.” That which resides deeply within us rises comes to the surface when we are ready to face it. And when it does, we have to remember that, in a sense, it is new information and we can only do so much to try to understand it. It is in the process of finding a resolution in which we grow, not in the resolution itself. So, you see, a resolution isn’t necessarily in store for this week, but that’s ok because you need time and space to process everything that is coming up for you.

For now, be kind and treat yourself as lovingly as possible. By being as lovingly as possible to yourself, I don’t mean lie to yourself and pretend that everything is fine if it isn’t. What I mean is that while you take responsibility for whatever is coming up for you now, you accept it for what it is. Without excuses, but most importantly, without judgment, so that you may reach a new level of yourself.

Another aspect this week is that Venus will be moving from Aquarius to Pisces on February 10th and will remain in Pisces till March 6th. I will touch on more on Venus in Pisces later this week with another article.

Have a great week!