On January 31st we will have the full moon eclipse at 12 degrees Leo. Some changes that you may be experiencing now, have a lot to do with whatever it you were experiencing back in August 2017. The last eclipse we had was also in the sign of Leo and it occurred on August 21, 2017. A few weeks following that eclipse, the world events that took place, made it clear to all of us that something was changing. Hurricanes and earthquakes were devastating cities and people; but it was also the Earth’s way of purging for something new. Remember, as without, so within.

In the same way that Mother Earth was making room for a new beginning, we were making way, whether aware of it or not, for something new in our lives, as well. Considering that back in August 2017 the eclipse was a solar eclipse at 29 degrees Leo, we were letting go of an identity that no longer served our growth. Here’s why: the sun represents what is seen in the exterior of a person – the ego. In a higher consciousness perspective, we all have ego and ego isn’t necessarily with being egotistical. Ego is anything that isn’t connected to our higher being, with who we truly are. We are not the lawyer, the nurse or even the writer; at the end of the day, those are all identities. That is ego. I’m not saying that ego is bad because in this reality, we all have to fulfill some role, some form of ego in order to function in the world. It starts to become negative we forget our highest essence and when we fail to realize and accept that we are not any of the labels we identify with (this concept is a whole lesson for another time, but this is a tad of that). Anyway, with the solar eclipse of August 2017 a part of our ego that we no longer identified with was eclipsed out of our lives and we began on the journey of fulfilling a new part of ourselves; a part that is meant to help us grown and recognize our inner power. I have a client, for instance, who in August of 2017 began a temporary job in her field. She was going through an emotional transformation while trying to transform her outer world as well. While she and I worked together during the duration of her temp job, I kept reminding her that if this temp job didn’t work out, it only meant something better was in store for her. I kept reverting back to this idea because I was aware of what was going on astrologically and I knew how it affected her birth chart. Sure enough, the temp job didn’t work out, but immediately after that ended she found the job she currently has. Bigger company, better pay and more opportunity for growth, the whole nine. Eclipses have a 6-month manifestation period. Whether you consciously work with these cycles or not, if your heart is in the right place, the changes that occur in your life will be exactly that, life changing. This girl went from feeling victimized by a lot of the experiences in her life to taking responsibility for her life and turning it around in a matter of 6 months. Her emotional state and the way she saw herself changed, therefore, her outer world changed (as seen through the manifestation of this better job). She no longer identifies with being a victim of circumstance. Now, she identifies herself with being the confident woman, who was within her all along, and is full of possibilities. That is the perfect example of letting go of an ego that no longer serves us, in order to grow. She will continue to work on herself and the goals she has in mind, and she will follow this eclipse cycle for the resolution of this process with the eclipse season 6 months from now.

The same way that I broke down the eclipse season in a previous post, is the same way I have to break eclipse cycles and their manifestation periods. You can’t look at an astrological event alone and assume that the day of the event is the only day in which something should happen. What’s worse is that a lot of people have been led to believe that if something extraordinary doesn’t happen on the day of, then we somehow missed out on something great. That couldn’t be farther from the truth! We live in a time in which immediate satisfaction is so normal, that we expect the same from our life lessons and our processes and that’s just not the way that works. We have to be patient and aware. We don’t always need a grand gesture from the Universe to know that it is working in our favor.

So, the eclipse on January 31st is a check-in point from the Universe to see how we’re doing with that which we let get of last August. And if you didn’t let go of someone or something back then, you probably will now. And if you still refuse to let go, these eclipses will make sure you let go by the end of the summer. Lets say that you ended an important friendship last August. You realized that that friendship was not a positive relationship to have in your life. During this eclipse season, that former friend tries to come back. She comes back to check-in and sees if you’re open to have a friendship again. That is the Universe checking in. That is the Universe asking, “are you still aligned with moving forward or do you want to give this person another chance?” If you answer is still no, then the next six month serve the other person as a time to emotionally process something she wasn’t accepting before – the fact that the friendship is over, for good. The eclipses leave us no choice but to accept the changes that are sometimes imposed on us by others. This is because even though the transiting nodes are in Leo-Aquarius, our natal nodes are also activated, therefore, aligning us with our true purpose. People or situations that do not serve that life purpose will be removed.

If you’re reading this and you feel completely lost and think that you do not understand the timing of your process, keep the following tips in mind to find peace with your process:

  • Trust the process. Trust that whatever or whomever comes in or out of your life, especially during eclipse season is meant to be. Don’t resist or fight the change because you will only be making the process harder on yourself and keeping yourself from bigger blessings.
  • You don’t have to sit down on a pillow, close your eyes and breath. Simply take a few moments to be with yourself, breath and check-in with what’s going on in your body. Check the thoughts running through your mind. Simply pay attention to yourself.
  • They don’t have to be long drawn out entries – or they could be, if you’re inspired. More than anything it’s another form of paying attention to yourself. Even if you just make of list what you felt or what happened on a given day, just pay attention and keep track. This will help a lot make sense in the bigger picture.

Below I am leaving two astro-lessons that can help you understand the eclipse seasons and your process in them a lot better.