Hello! And welcome Astroconsciousness.com! I am so happy to be starting this project with all of  this Capricorn energy going on in the sky.  My intention is to help you all grow using astrology as a tool for self-knowledge.  As a Capricorn myself, all of my energy, knowledge and heart are going into keeping you informed and evolving!

But enough of that! I am here to talk about this beautiful New Moon in Capricorn happening at 27 degrees Capricorn.  Here in Los Angeles this event will happen on January 16th, 2018 at 6:17 p.m. pst.  You will want to convert according to your time zone because for some of you this might happen on January 17th.

This is the first New Moon of 2018 and it is so appropriate for what the energy of all of 2018.  In classic Capricorn energy, this New Moon making us ask ourselves, “what are you doing to make that happen?”  Considering that this is a lunar event, our emotions are very much tied to that which we wish to manifest in our outer reality.  We are no longer in a place where we want to simply do what we are told to do. We want to build a solid foundation, on a clean slate, in our terms, for long-term gratification and stability.

Lets break down the planetary energy supporting this New Moon.  First of all, there are 6 planets currently in Capricorn! SIX! This means that wherever Capricorn falls on your birth chart, there is a lot of energy for change and to build something new in that part of your life. With Venus and the Sun being two of those six planets, this is your desire being to obvious and apparent to you, that you can’t ignore it.  You can’t help but do what needs to be done in order to make this happen for you.

Second, there is an ongoing flow of energy between the Scorpio and Capricorn; which will also be ongoing for most of 2018.  So, why is Capricorn working so much with Scorpio energy?  Well, Pluto (the planet of transformation) is the ruler of Scorpio.  But, Pluto has been visiting Capricorn since 2008. It’s important to remember that planets do not stay in one sign.  They move and transit all twelve signs, in order for us to learn different lessons and evolve.  Some planets stay in signs longer than others; like Pluto, for instance, in Capricorn from 2008 until 2024. Passionate and no non-sense Scorpio energy communicates to Capricorn from afar because Pluto is there – Pluto ties both energies together.  Whatever your intention with New Moon is, not only is it meant to shape your outer world, but it is meant to transform you from the inside out.  Not only is all of this energy asking how you’re going to make it happen, but it is also telling you that you have all of the strength inside to make it happen.  In addition, your intentions, in very Scorpio-esque fashion, will not be superficial in nature.  These intentions mean something to you. You will work for them with all your heart.  Of course, since this is a lunar event, our a lot of emotion will go into whatever you work towards, but with Scorpio and Pluto in the mix, they are anything but flighty intentions.

Another planetary configuration that helps this New Moon is the Uranus in Aries.  Four out of the six planets in Capricorn directly square Uranus.  In English, Uranus in Aries and all of that Capricorn energy are having serious tension causing change and movement.  Lets take a second to expand our minds to the meaning of tension.  A lot of times it has a negative connotation, but tension causes change.  It’s like lifting weights, for instance.  Producing tension and fatigue on the muscle causes the muscle to come out of its normal state (comfort zone) to become bigger.  This is what Uranus does for us – it’s breaking us out of our comfort zone, allowing us to dream bigger!  Earlier in the post I mentioned that this New Moon directs us to do something new in our own terms; well, Uranus is the reason.  As the planet of technology, ingenuity, and liberation, we are breaking free from old patterns and creating our very own patterns for years to come. From the bottom up.  It is no surprise that so many people have ventured out on their own (Aries) and built a life for themselves using the internet (Uranus) as their tool! Uranus gives us a refreshing dose of something new to look forward to, so that we go after it. But, considering this energy is a square, you will be liberated from a current situation whether you want to or not. It’s time!

At this point in our lives, whatever stage you’re in, you are ready to make a move.  Whether you are aware of it or not, you have been acquiring all of the knowledge (book, technical or life knowledge) you need to be prepared for this point in your life.  You don’t need the extra online course to start your own blog; you don’t need the extra webinar to launch the website; you don’t need to read another book teaching you how to break a habit. Just start. Start with what you know and, sure, continue learning along the way, but don’t use learning as an excuse not to start.  Capricorn is the energy of making the best out of what you already have, while continuously building a refining. Pluto and Scorpio have the energy to make you search for the inner power that gives you the confidence and persistence to go after your intention.  And Uranus in Aries are yelling as loud as they can telling you that it doesn’t have to be perfect in order to start. Just start.